Sunday Sunset #29

Listening To: Christmas music! The car radio has been set on the Christmas music station. Loving it!

Book finishedSoulbound; Body and Soul; Fables Vol. 20

ReadingDragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (yep, still)

On the Nightstand: Fairest Vol. 5; American Vampire Vol. 4-7

Making Lists: Meals, blog ideas, craft class ideas, 2016 projects, etc. It’s time for my big blog break. I usually take the break to plan ahead for the next year and take time to brainstorm. This week I’ve been working on meal planning for January through March and craft classes.

From the kitchen: Nothing as my mom has been cooking or we’ve been going out. I am looking through my Pinterest board for a good bog batch Christmas cocktail…

Crafting: I received my SU preorder this past week and can’t wait to dive in. I’m playing around with some designs for my swap cards. Nothing definite yet, but I’m hoping to do some crafting soon. And I have a few holiday albums to complete before we leave.

Watching: PBS cartoons. Arthur’s been enjoying a bit more television while we’re here in Indiana. As for me, I’ve been starting Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow. Hoping to get caught up before I go back to California.

From Nature: Flew from California to Indiana and didn’t change temperatures. So weird! We’ve had temps in the 50s for the first part of this week and then it dropped to the mid-30s. Mid-30s this normal for December. Hopefully it doesn’t get super cold while we’re still here.

Project: So many projects! I’m working on a ton of new projects and ideas for 2016.

Picture: The twins and Arthur hanging out at one of our Christmas get-togethers last weekend.


Sunday Sunset #28

Listening To: One Bad Mother. I’m about 5 episodes behind (horror!) and trying to catch up. I’m hoping to be able to listen to some during the plane ride. Here’s hoping Arthur cooperates and plays and/or sleeps for part of the long flight.

Book finishedThe Secret History of the Pink Carnation; The Happiness Project (reread); The Mask of the Black Tulip

ReadingDragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (still)

On the Nightstand: Chocolat by Joanne Harris; Heart of Christmas

Making Lists: Ideas of 2016. I’ve got a blog ideas list, a craft ideas list, a general household list, a kid-related list, and many more… Yeah I love making lists!

From the kitchen: Nothing exciting at all…

Crafting: I finished all my Christmas cards last week, so this week was all about clean-up!I wanted my craft are to be clean before I left. But before I got to that, I knocked out November’s PL pages. Now my area is clean and tidy. All ready for me to get back in January and dive back into crafting!

Watching: Lots of Atlantis, it got super serious and good. Catching up on Shield, Elementary, and The League.

From Nature: The weather has gone from chilly to warm and sunny to raining. My favorite has been the rainy days. I love listening to the sound of the rain.

Project: Prepping for travel. Arthur and I leave for Indiana on Wednesday. I’ve gotten most of our stuff packed, but have a list of last minute things to put in (you know, toothbrush, phone and charger, etc). I managed to pack everything in one large suitcase, my new Take Two Tote as a carry-on, and a small backpack for Arthur. My suitcase is mostly full of presents. Thankfully those will be gone coming back, but just in case I need an extra carry-on, I packed my Fold-Over Weekender in the bottom. It lays completely flat in the suitcase and can be made bigger or smaller depending on my needs.

Picture: After bath time, I was laying on the bed reading while Arthur ran around. He grabbed a book off my shelves, climbed up on the bed, laid down next to me, and starting “reading.” He’s definitely my kid!



Sunday Sunset #27

Listening To: Christmas music! It’s after Thanksgiving, right?

Book finishedSome Enchanted Evening; The Barefoot Princess; The Prince Kidnaps a Bride

ReadingWarrior Women by Jeannine Davis-Kimball; The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (reread); Dargonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

On the Nightstand: ????? Trying to decide what to take with me to Indiana on Christmas vacation.

Making Lists: Packing list for Indiana!

From the kitchen: I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner and it went amazingly well. J made a loaf of fresh bread, ring of fire chicken, and a lemon-blueberry-blackberry pie. I made twice baked sweet potatoes, corn casserole, apple crisp with homemade caramel sauce, and four different cocktails. Other attendees rounded out our meal. Everything was delicious and everyone seemed like they had a good time. We ended the night with dessert while watching The Usual Suspects.

Crafting: I finished up my Christmas cards this past week and put most of those supplies away. Pam and Sara came over yesterday for crop day. We each worked on some projects and chatted about the upcoming Occasions and SAB catalogs and the craft fair. I sorted out my December Daily supplies and started prepping the holiday albums…

Watching: J and I are moving through the released Marvel movies. Last night we watched Captain America and on Friday we watched Thor. We’ll probably continue the trend until I leave for Indiana. Alone I caught up with Once Upon a Time. Birth was a great episode and The Bear King was a complete snooze. Oh well. I’ll keep watching I’m sure. I also finished Star Trek: The Original Series this past week. Third season was a struggled, but I made it through. Now I just have Voyager, Enterprise, DS9, the animated series, and Star Trek Continued to finish…

From Nature: Some rain this week. Some wind this week. And temperatures all over the place. Typical for November in the Bay Area.

Project: Prepping for holiday crafting. I’m getting my December Daily supplies ready. I’m prepping the Holiday albums. I’m picking my preorder items to be sent to my mom’s house so I can play. I’m cleaning up my craft area for when I’m gone (I love to return to a nice clean space). I’m working on at least the first half of November for my Project Life albums. And I’m thinking about classes to teach for January. A focus on crafting this week.

Picture: What I wore for Thanksgiving. Loving these new faux leather panel pants I got in my last Dia & Co. box. So comfy and fashionable!



Sunday Sunset #26

Listening To: Amy Winehouse. One of our usual dinner music selections has been on heavy rotation this week…

Book finishedNone although I’m really hoping to finish my current read today.

ReadingSome Enchanted Evening by Christina Dodd; Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon; Hollow City by Ransom Riggs (had to return to the library, hoping to finish soon)

On the Nightstand: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (reread)

Making Lists: Christmas gift list. I like to be done early. I’ve already gotten a few people finished, but I have more to go.

From the kitchen: No interesting food recipes, although we did try out one of our Thanksgiving cocktails last night. J and I enjoyed a pineapple rum cocktail. The recipe as written was a bit off for our tastes. We made a few modifications and now I think we have a great recipe for Thursday.

Crafting: I finally caught up with Arthur’s PL album. I’m starting work on the holiday albums and my December Daily. And I may make a few more Christmas cards before the craft fair on the 5th.

Watching: J and I watched Amy last night. So good, but so depressing. We also started watching Toast of London (random British show starring Matt Berry).

From Nature: After some chilly temps last week, we’re back to warm sunny days.

Project: So many Christmas projects…

Picture: Arthur modeling the Thirty-One Littles Carry-All Caddy. It’s his toy caddy for in the car. That’s my baby!



Sunday Sunset #25

Listening To: Arthur talk to his cars and trains. There’s a steady stream of words but not all of them are in English…

Book finished: Murder on the Orient Express (didn’t review this one as I read and reviewed it three years ago; read the review here); Furiously Happy

Reading: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs; Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

On the Nightstand: The Happiness Project (reread)

Making Lists: Paper crafting inventory (for upcoming craft fair); grocery list; packing list for Christmas in Indiana

From the kitchen: Another boring week on the recipe front. Although I did make an apple dump cake that was delicious! As I am feeling sick today, I think next week’s dinners will once again be tried and true favorites. If I’m feeling better, I might throw in something new…

Crafting: Yesterday was our big Holiday Bazaar. I sold a fair amount of paper crafts (and even more Thirty-One products), but I don’t know exactly what. A friend ran the paper craft table while I ran the Thirty-One table. I need to do an inventory today and figure out if I should maker more for the craft fair in December. I think I will need to make a few more Christmas cards, especially if I am want to send some out this year.

Watching: I finished Downtown Abbey… The finale was full of happy moments and sad moments, just as it should be! On the joint watching front, J and I have almost finished Star Trek: TOS. I think I only have four episodes to go. And of course we’ve been watching our currently airing shows (The League, Review). Yesterday, J picked up Inside Out at the store. Apparently he and Arthur watched it and loved it. I’m hoping to watch it soon…

From Nature: Cooler temperatures and a bit of rain at night. It’s officially fall in our neck of the woods. I love curling up on the couch with a cup of tea, a book, and a fuzzy blanket. We’ve even turned on our heat a bit this week. Not much, but just a bit to get the house back to 68 degrees. (mostly at night)

Project: Prepping for my December 5th craft fair. As I mentioned earlier, I really need to do an inventory today to find out what I need to make for that fair. It won’t be a ton, but I like to be prepared early…

Picture: Scenes from our Holiday Bazaar yesterday. Our photographer will have more later, but these are the ones I managed to snap right when we opened.

IMG_5919 IMG_5922 IMG_5923 IMG_5928


Sunday Sunset #24

Listening To: Dinosaur Train… Arthur’s really liking the combo of dinosaurs and trains lately. He’s watching an episode while I catch up on emails and blog posts.

Book finishedAfter Alice

ReadingFuriously Happy by Jenny Lawson; Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

On the Nightstand: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie; The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (reread); Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Making Lists: Weekly to-do lists. I have a craft fair coming up on Saturday. I’m the event coordinator, so I’m updating my final to-dos. I also have to do the grocery list for this coming week…

From the kitchen: As I was so busy prepping for the Holiday Bazaar, we ate a ton of easy meals this past week. Mostly frozen meals and a few stand-bys (BBQ Chicken).

Crafting: In the past 7 days, I’ve made over 60 Christmas cards plus some random small projects for the Holiday Bazaar. I also organized my photos for October project life and cleaned up my craft area. I am hoping to get about another ~30 cards done before next Saturday, but if I don’t have time, not a huge deal.

Watching: The Librarians started up again. Woohoo! Silly adventure fun! It’s one of our guilty pleasure shows that are perfect to watch while blogging or scrolling through FB.

From Nature: Cooler temps this week. The Bay Area has finally turned to fall. Arthur has requested pants and long sleeve shirts most of the week. And I even started wearing socks.

Project: Holiday Bazaar prep for Saturday. My paper crafting projects are mostly packed and ready to go. I just need to get the boxes in bags. I still need to get my Thirty-One display prepped and packed. I am not going to bring every piece I have, but I do want to fill the table. Plus, I need to tag my cash and carry items. Other than my tables, I need to do a cursory check-in with all the other vendors. I want to make sure everyone has all the information they need for Saturday. One of the other coordinators (there are three of us, but I’m the only one doing the vendor side) should be having her baby today (or at least by Tuesday), so I’ll need to rely on the other coordinator more this week. I’m sure everything will come together, but man it’s been a chore.

Picture: Status of my craft area yesterday after a full week of crafting. Yeah, it’s a crazy mess. I cleaned it up a bit yesterday night, but it’s still crazy looking!



Sunday Sunset #23

Listening To: One Bad Mother — Catching up on my episodes!

Book finishedHappier at Home; The Runaway Princess; Someday My Prince; Saga Vol. 2-4

ReadingDragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (yep, still); After Alice by Gregory Maguire

On the Nightstand: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie; Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

Making Lists: Getting my grocery list in order…

From the kitchen: Nothing at all exciting this past week. We ate a lot of family staples: Italian Beef Sandwiches, Chili, Tacos.

Crafting: Yesterday I had an epic day crafting! I finished 11 marge modified notebooks, 3 medium modified notebooks, 6 small modified notebooks, and 12 Baker’s boxes that will be filled with candy. Whew! All of these will be on sale at the Holiday Bazaar on November 14th. Now it’s time to focus on Christmas cards. IMG_5429 IMG_5434 IMG_5438 IMG_5440

Watching: J and I have been watching movies lately. We’ve decided Friday is movie night in our house, but this week we extended it to a multiple night affair. We rewatched Iron Man for our Marvel Phase 1 marathon. We also watched Pirates: Band of Misfits with Arthur and then The Man from U.N.C.L.E. once he went to sleep. Pirates was great fun! And so was U.N.C.L.E. Thoroughly enjoyed all our movies this week.

From Nature: Lovely weather this week. It was warm but with cooler nights. Halloween night was perfect for wearing just a costume and maybe a light jacket. No parkas needed here!

Project: Holiday gifts! I need to make all my Christmas cards and I have plans for some other craft-related holiday gifts.

Picture: Arthur helping to hand out candy last night.





Sunday Sunset #22

Listening To: Catching up on my One Bad Mother episodes. I’m still two episodes behind.

Book finishedJonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell; The Sixth Extinction; Saga Volume 1

ReadingA Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon; Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin

On the Nightstand: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie; Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

Making Lists: It’s grocery list day. The bane of my existence.

From the kitchen: Nothing new to report. I stuck with some of our tried and true recipes this past week (Cajun Stuffed Chicken; Balsamic Pork Roast; Baked Ziti). I don’t have any new recipes on tap for dinner entrees. But I did pin a caramel apple dessert that looks amazing…

Crafting: Along with my design team cards, I need to start my Christmas cards. I’ve got a craft fair coming up on November 14th and I have maybe five Christmas cards ready. I definitely need more! And I’m looking to the December 5th craft fair and my usual family cards.

Watching: The Book of Life – Arthur and I watched this one afternoon. I really enjoyed it!  And J and I finished the entire series of Merlin! While I loved the show, the last scene in the series really didn’t need to be there.

From Nature: Temperatures have been perfect this past week. And Saturday was nice and cooler for our costume social. Good thin as J had many layers on.

Project:  Working on the Holiday Bazaar. It’s a very large project. There’s a big part of me that will be happy when it’s over.

Picture: At our Fall-O-Ween social on Saturday.



Sunday Sunset #21

Listening To: Random Spotify playlists. I never know what I’m listening to, but I know I like it.

Book finishedWe Should All Be Feminists

ReadingJonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke; Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin; Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

On the Nightstand: The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

Making Lists: October-December craft projects. I’m trying to decide on which Christmas card designs I want to make plus any candy holders or gift card holders.

From the kitchen: I made yummy sausage and apple stuffed acorn squash last week. Perfect to help me get into the mood for fall, even if it was 83 degrees that day.

Crafting: This past week, I took a break from active crafting. Between the retreat and Arthur’s birthday party, I was too busy. My little craft area feels very lonely. I promise to get back to it next week.

Watching: J and I have been watching our currently airing shows (The League, Last Week Tonight). He also had me start watching High Maintenance, a fascinating web series. And we’re four episodes from the finale of Merlin.

From Nature: Beautiful this weather this week until yesterday morning. I had planned to have Arthur’s birthday party in the backyard. Imagine my surprise when we woke up to extremely low clouds and drizzle. No good! Thankfully our house accommodated everyone. And the sun finally burned off the clouds around noon.

Project: Working on the big parent group fundraiser for November 14th. It’s a doozy…

Picture: Revealing his dinosaur at the party.IMG_5025


Sunday Sunset #20

Due to Blog-Tember, I haven’t posted a Sunday Sunset in a month. This might be a big post…

Listening To: Arctic Monkeys; Florence + the Machine; Sirius XM Alt Nation; Sirius XM Octane

Book finishedInterest; Don’t Know Much About Mythology; First Frost; Artemis Fowl; The Distant Hours; 1491; Dark Places

ReadingHappier at Home by Gretchen Rubin

On the Nightstand: 1493 by Charles Mann; Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke; The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner

Making Lists: So many lists! I’ve got my Arthur’s birthday party list, grocery list, Holiday Bazaar list, Christmas list (yes I’ve started planning), general to-do list, 2016 TBR list (yep, started this one as well), craft project list, and rest of 2015 TBR list. Thank goodness I have my handle planner and Evernote to keep track of it all!

From the kitchen: I’ve made a few new recipes lately included one for Lemon Chicken with Brussel Sprouts that was super yummy. I spend a few days last week and meal planned for the entire month of October. I stumbled upon a new meal planning system (involving my planner and post-it tags) and decided to jump in with both feet. I hope this system lessens my meal planning stress.

Crafting: I’ve been focused on SSINK design team projects for the past month. With October’s card finished early, I’ve been thinking about my Christmas card plan of attack. I’ve narrowed it down to about 5 designs that I can more or less mass produce. Plus, I’ve started thinking about December Daily and how to pack my supplies when Arthur and I head to Indiana in December.

Watching: Many of our currently airing shows just started back up again, but we’ve been in the midst of a big television switch. We got rid of the Apple TV (actually we still have it, but not for tv viewing) and bought a Roku. From there, we have Amazon and Netflix loaded. We also moved all our shows to Plex running off the Roku. That has taken ages, so we are a bit behind on current shows. Instead, we spent most of September binge watching Merlin. Almost to the end and I’m sad for it to be over. Really loving that show!

From Nature: September was hot! But that’s normal around here. We had lots of sunny days wearing shorts and tees. And then on the last day of the month, the temperature dropped 20 degrees and it rained. I loved Wednesday! I spent part of the day listening to the rain while reading my book. It’s not very often that we enjoy a rainy fall day in the Bay Area. It was a nice change.

Picture: Arthur selfie with sunglasses!