Quentin: 25 Weeks


No big update for today. Still catching up on things after being sick all last week. But I do have some good pictures and a little update. We’ve continued on the baby led weaning journey. In the past week Q has had puffs, pasta, sweet potatoes, grapes, bananas, rice husks, and broccoli. Broccoli was his favorite. He’s definitely my child.

watching big brother

Arthur showing Quentin the babydoll

Mean mugging on Saint Patrick’s Day

Precious baby toes


They kept looking at each other and laughing

Yummy rice husk

Photo bomb from Arthur

This kid loves broccoli!


Quentin: 23-24 Weeks

Curiouser and curiouser

Likes: Snuggles, Arthur, his toys (especially taggie monster and Sophie), eating his toes, avocado!

Silly baby trying to take a selfie

Dislikes: Loud noises, being left alone (or at least not being able to see mom), water splashed in his face (Arthur got a little over zealous in the tub), rain

Rare daytime nap. He looks so sweet here

Sleeping: Hit or miss. He was sleeping from 8pm to 7am straight, but lately he’s been waking up once or twice a night. Usually he just wants his paci, but sometimes he wants a bottle. Daytime naps are really miss most days. Apparently I just have a kid that doesn’t nap! Occasionally he takes a decent 1:00 – 1:30 nap, but that’s so so rare. Usually his nap is like 15-20 minutes two times a day.

That expression though!

Eating: Last night I introduced Q to his first food: avocado! I was planning on started sometime this week, but last night’s dinner involved an avocado and we didn’t use all of it. Perfect. We stuck him in the booster chair and I put some on his tray. He didn’t get the feeding himself part, so I would let him eat the avocado bits off my finger. He was actually swallowing most of it after squishing it around his mouth. He kept coming back for more, so I kept giving it. He ended up eating about a 1/3 of an avocado. Then he tried to eat my popcorn, but we wisely moved the bowl. Tuesday we’re having sweet potatoes, so we’ll try those.



Playing: Q’s really taken a shine to his toys lately. He loves messing with his taggie blankets and Sophie. But he’s also a fan of the wire ball and links. We’ve also been utilizing the jumper for a few minutes here and there. Mostly when I need to cook dinner and he’s very insistent on me holding him. So doesn’t work! At least in the jumper he can play and see me at the same time.


Milestones: Almost sitting up by himself. He can tripod for a decent amount of time before flopping over. He also discovered his toes a while back. His new trick is trying to take off his socks and chew on his toes. He gets so excited when he actually gets them in his mouth. Q’s also been “talking” a lot more. He’s extremely loud some days.

Introducing avocado

He made that face with every bite

Out and About: Arthur’s been sick, so we haven’t been out and about as much these past two weeks. We did hit up CuriOdyssey (small zoo and science center) and the nearby playground. Yesterday the boys joined me at book club and on a Target run. And… that’s about it.

And this one

But then, yum!


Quentin: 22 Weeks / 5 Months

Quentin at 5 months:

  • quite the momma’s boy.
  • a belly laugher (so adorable)
  • in love with his big brother
  • can roll over and is starting to scoot around
  • can almost sit up
  • getting close to have a tooth
  • wears 6-9 month onsies and pants; 9-12 month sleepers
  • almost grown out of his infant carseat (too tall!)
  • loves being outside
  • reaches for my food (probably starting baby led weaning in a week or so…)
  • plays with his toys; his favorites being taggie monster and sophie
  • loves to snuggle with his big fuzzy blankie
  • can get hangry really fast!

Hanging with big brother

Loves to take selfies!

One of the brothers

“Yelling” at Arthur

Two wild and crazy boys

Starting to scoot around

Hello Q

Such a silly pose

A beautiful smile

Almost sitting up by himself

Selfie with mom on the steam train



Quentin: 21 Weeks

No big update this week. I’m a bit burned out this week… So enjoy a few photos.

Attempting a selfie with mom

Hanging with the giraffes

Loves his carseat bugs

Chewing on Sophie

Snoozing at the library

Mugging with Arthur

Hello there!

Big eyes

Big boy sitting up

Coming to get mommy


Quentin: 19-20 Weeks

Likes: All his toys, playing with big brother, snuggles. being outside

Hello gorgeous!

Working on our tummy time

Dislikes: Naps, being left alone (even for a few moments), not eating right this second!

Not sleepy at all…

Play time

Sleeping: Q’s been sleeping through the night most nights. He goes down around 8:30 or 9:00pm and sleeps until 6:00am. I’ll take it! If he does wake up, he usually just wants his pacifier or diaper changed.

Playing peekaboo

At Janine’s sprinkle

Eating: Slamming the 6 ounce bottles with ease. He’s been eyeing my food lately, but we’re trying to hold off until he gets a tooth or two and we can start baby led weaning.

Not too sure about this thing

That eyebrow though…

Playing: He’s starting to actually play with his toys. His favorites are the little book (picture above), the taggie blanket with monster, the robot teether, and the wire ball.  I also pulled out the exersaucer, but he doesn’t know what to do with it yet. Maybe next week.

Sitting with big brother

At the Valentine’s Exchange

Milestones: Q’s a rolling over expert now! And he’s been scooting around while on the floor. We’re working on sitting up but he still pitches himself forward.

Ready for my close-up

Almost as big as buddy M

Schedule: Still haven’t figured out daytime naps yet. Makes momma kinda crazy so,e days.

Lunch time

Out and About: We went to a few places in the past two weeks.

  • Bay Area Discovery Museum — We love that place so much! It’s just a bit of a drive to get there. Can’t wait to go again soon.
  • Janine’s Baby Shower — We had a lovely baby sprinkle at the park on Saturday morning.
  • Stamp Club — After the sprinkle, we headed over to Campbell for stamp club. Q did so well hanging out.
  • Valentine’s Exchange — Our parent group had our annual Valentine’s Exchange party on Thursday. It was a crazy party full of running toddlers, but we all had fun. Afterward, we had lunch with some friends while mom made rally signs for the Planned Parenthood rally on Saturday.

Contemplating eating Mickey’s face (he did)


Quentin: 18 Weeks / 4 Months

Somebody is 4 months old this week! Silly bug!

Why so serious?

Hey Q

Likes: Toys (anything that makes a noise when he grabs it), being outside, Arthur, snuggles

Dislikes: Not being fed immediately, loud noises 

Little smiles

Big Laughs

Sleeping: We’ve settled into a decent routine of bedtime around 9pm, sleeping until at least 2am, and then back down until 6 or 7am. Daytime naps just don’t really happen on any schedule.

Eating: Big eater right now! Wonder if this means he’s gearing up for a growth spurt.

Coming to get me!

Grumpy selfie

Playing: He’s really starting to manipulate toys and grab things. So cute to watch him “play” with things now.

Loving the play mat

Brother play time

Doctor Visit Stats: Q had his 4 month check up this morning. Three shots and one oral vaccine. He was a champ. Only cried for about two minutes and then was fine after some snuggles. I have a long long little boy. Stats:

  • Height: 26 3/4″ (97th percentile)
  • Weight: 16 lbs. 12 oz. (74th percentile)

Won’t let go of mommy

While Arthur rode his bike

Milestones: Officially rolling over and scooting in circles.

Schedule: We’ve settled into a pattern of just trying to listen to Q’s cues. No really schedule other than bedtime.

His new friend Tigger

Living with the gorillas (not so sure about it…)

Out and About: This past week we got outside for a few activities. Multiple times we accompanied Arthur when he went to “ride” his bike. We’re still working on it. On Thursday, we joined friends at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. So much fun! On Saturday we had brunch at the Black Bear Diner.

Getting ready for bed


He was talking to his baby until I tried to snap a pic…

Brunch selfie

Always staring at Arthur


Quentin: 17 Weeks

Photo bomb from big brother. They were talking to each other.

Likes: Snuggles; chewing his blankies; bath time

Dislikes: Rain and cold; Arthur getting too close to his face

Selfie with mom at the play place (it was raining outside)

Sleeping: We settled into a decent routine of bedtime at 9:30ish. Sleeps until at least 1:30am, but usually more like 3:30am. Wakes up to eat and goes back down for 3-5 hours. Daytime naps are sometimes nonexistent, but here’s to hoping we settle in to something soon.

Eating: Consistent with 6 ounce bottles lately

Watching big brother

“Reading” his new book

Playing: Q has recently started playing with his toys. Mostly he grabs things and tries to eat them, but it’s a start. He’s also gotten interested in “reading” his little books, especially the one pictured above. The one page is crinkly and he can chew on the book itself. I am hoping to clean the jumper this week and introduce him to the big toys. (It’s in the garage and a bit dusty from being stored out there for almost two years.)

Doctor Visit Stats: Q’s four month doctor’s appointment isn’t until Jan. 30th, but we made a visit on Thursday. Everyone in the house has had a nasty cold and I was concerned that the baby was developing bronchitis or RSV or something of the like. He was very wheezy at night. I took him in, doctor checked him out, and he was diagnosed with a mild case of the croup. Nothing super major and nothing that needs antibiotics. So far, he’s slowly getting better… On a side note, they weighed him and Q is now 16 pounds!

Baby in motion!

Milestones: Rolling from back to tummy. He can probably roll the other way, but hates tummy time with a fiery passion. He’s also started moving around in a circle while on the floor. He’s never in the same place as I put him.

Schedule: Eh. Other than bedtime, we don’t really have one.

I put him on the mat facing the other way…

Out and About: The rain has discouraged our outings. It’s just too crazy to attempt to get a toddler and and baby in and out of our tiny 2 door mini cooper in the rain. We did get out to the grocery store earlier this week and a visit to the indoor play place on Thursday. Q went with mom to book club in Redwood City on Sunday. He got to visit with Miss Janine and Miss Amanda and baby Esha. We have an actual outing planned next Thursday to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain.

Joy! (and moving in a circle…)


Quentin: 14-16 Weeks

Hello Q!

Brothers playing

Likes: Arthur, snuggles, milk, playtime, being outside

Dislikes: Being cold, feeling sick, not being able to roll over

Posing with his new baby

Mid clothing change pose

Sleeping: Ugh! We had a few great nights of 6-8 hour stretches. And now we’re back to 5 hours at the longest. Daytime naps aren’t very good either. Somedays he only sleeps in 30-40 minute stretches. I was looking at a sleep chart the other day and according to the chart, Q is 9-12 months old. He’s awake for 3-4 hours between naps and only naps for 45-60 minutes at a time. My goodness Q, act like a 3 month old please.


Such stares!

Eating: We’re up to 6 ounce bottles consistently. And he loves to watch me eat. Somehow I don’t think we’re going to make it to 6 months before his first taste of real food.


Such a cutie

Playing: Slowly discovering toys. He really likes the playmat now, but not tummy time. He tries to grab toys and is sometimes successful! Currently his favorite “toy” is his little blankies. Lots of chewing on them.

Hanging with great grandma

Playing with big brother

Milestones: Rolling over a few times. Just like Arthur, Q’s starting back to tummy instead of the usual tummy to back. He’s also talking a lot more and focusing on objects and people for longer amounts of time.

Twinning with Miss Stacey

Santa Baby

Schedule: We’re starting to settle into some sort of schedule. He’s usually up for the day around 6 or 7am. About three hours later, he takes a nap. Then there’s a little nap after lunch and another around dinner time. Q goes down in his crib around 9:30pm. We tried putting him down the same time as Arthur (8pm) but found that Q needed a bit of downtime before going to bed.

Check out that smirk

Out and About: Q is officially a traveler! Unfortunately he’s also earned his poo on an airplane merit badge. Not fun for mommy… Other than plane travel, we’ve his the grocery store and Target since being home. He also accompanied mommy to her stamp class. And charmed the pants off of all the ladies.


Quentin: 12 Weeks


We’re in Fort Wayne visiting family for the Christmas holiday. Quentin (and Arthur) did great traveling on two different airplanes and through O’Hare. I was very happy with how the day went. Beyond traveling, we’ve visited a few family members and the library. The bitter cold has restricted spending a lot of time outside, but we’ve still had some fun so far.

Someone has a little giraffe friend

Hanging at the library

Visiting with great grandma

Oh so handsome!

Sitting with grandma (and bonus Arthur)

Watching mom

Q and his baby meets Arthur and his baby