Life Right Now #8

As I look outside my window: Slightly overcast, but the sun is bound to come out soon.
Right now I am: Finishing breakfast and entertaining the baby
On my bedside table: Dead Feminists; Omega Days; Everyday Sexism (one of these things is not like the others!)
On my tv this week: Mostly we’ve been catching up on currently airing shows (It’s Always Sunny, The Magicians) and watching a few movies (Rogue One and Death at a Funeral).
Listening to: Lots of whining and crying from the 3 1/2 year old. Really not loving this stage of life.
On the menu for this week:

  • Monday – Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread
  • Tuesday – Ranch Cheddar Chicken
  • Wednesday – Pull Apart Pizza Sandwiches
  • Thursday – Beef and Barley Stew
  • Friday – Leftovers
  • Saturday – Frozen Meal
  • Sunday – Pork and Green Chile Stew

On my to do list:
Happening this week:

  • Monday – Q’s 6 month doctor appointment; errands
  • Tuesday – Home day (cleaning and crafting)
  • Wednesday – A friend is coming over for the morning
  • Thursday – Something in South Bay (plans not finalized)
  • Friday – Home Day (cleaning and crafting)
  • Saturday – California Academy of Sciences!
  • Sunday – Home Day

What I am creating: I’ve almost finished April’s design team cards (only 4 left) and nearly caught up on PL. I just need to finish up the family album. And I’m hoping to work on March’s memory planning pages this week.
My simple pleasures: Lemons! My friend Judy brought us another batch of lemons from her trees. Now I need to figure out what to make with them. I’m thinking lemon curd.
Looking around the house: House is currently in decent shape although I want to do a playroom cleanout this week and I need to vacuum like usual.
From the camera: Arthur insisted on helping Quentin eat.

Life Right Now #7

As I look outside my window: Watching the birds fly back and forth between the trees.
Right now I am: Relaxing between Coffee and Cards this morning and household chores this afternoon.
Thinking and pondering: What should we do tomorrow? We were stuck in the house almost all last week because of sickness. I need to figure out somewhere to go tomorrow but many of our usual spots are closed on Mondays…
On my bedside table: Shitty Mom; Dead Feminists; Everyday Sexism
On my tv this week: We’re into Season 5 of 30 Rock and continuing some of our regular shows. We also finished Workaholics last night. And I finally got to watch the finale of The Bachelor. So glad Nick picked Vanessa. She was one of my three picks from the beginning. My other two were Rachel and Danielle M.
Listening to: Still listening to Bastille’s new album, but also the new Of Monsters and Men album.
On the menu for this week:

  • Monday – Chicken and Noodles
  • Tuesday – Spinach, Potato and Sausage Soup
  • Wednesday – Leftovers
  • Thursday – Spinach and Artichoke Dip and Sweet and Spicy Sausage
  • Friday – Tacos
  • Saturday – Pork and Green Chili Stew
  • Sunday – Peach and Prosciutto Pizza

On my to do list: Too much to list, but I have some leftover tasks from being sick last week. Most of the tasks are little things, but they still take up some time.
Happening this week: Tuesday I’m hosting my second FB party for my crafty celebration. Thursday we’re going to try and visit Happy Hollow. Had to cancel last week due to sickness. I also am teaching a card class on Thursday night and I have crop day on Saturday.
What I am creating: Trying to catch up on my Project Life albums. Still stuck in January.
My simple pleasures: Pie! We celebrated Pi Day with a key lime pie and then again on Friday with a chocolate cream pie. So much pie!
Looking around the house: I just vacuumed on Thursday and it looks like I need to do it again…

Life Right Now #6

As I look outside my window: Being blinded by the sunlight coming through the windows. Love the sunshine, but main it’s bright in here!
Right now I am: Prepping to head out to book club with the toddler and baby in tow.
On my bedside table: Hamilton Revolution (so incredibly excited about this one), Dead Feminists, and Shitty Mom
On my tv this week: Catching up on a ton of currently airing shows.
Listening to: Bastille’s new album on repeat
On the menu for this week:

  • Monday – Chili and cornbread
  • Tuesday – BBQ Cheddar Meatloaf
  • Wednesday – Apple Bacon Sweet Potatoes
  • Thursday – Leftovers
  • Friday – Chicken and Noodles
  • Saturday – ???
  • Sunday – ???

On my to do list: Lots of random weird tasks. Too many to list…
Happening this week: There’s nothing on the schedule until Thursday when we’re going to Happy Hollow in the morning and I’m hosting stamp club after dinner. For the weekend, I’m hosting two different crafting events. Otherwise, I have nothing set. I imagine we’ll hit the library, the grocery store, Target, and a park.
What I am creating: I really need to get started on 2017’s Project Life albums. I haven’t even cracked them open yet. Don’t want to get too far behind.
My simple pleasures: My pillow
From the camera: Check out those eyebrows!

Life Right Now #5

As I look outside my window: Bright and sunny. Looks like the perfect day for an outing.
Right now I am: Getting our things around to head to the Little Farm at Tilden Park. We’ve heard they have new piggies! And hopefully we can all be in good moods after to take a ride on the steam train.
On my bedside table: The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
On my tv this week: J and I finally started watching Broadchurch. Only two episodes in but it is oh so good. While J has been working late, I’ve been watching movies. I finished Allegiant (not good at all, but had to sorta finish the series), Cinderella (new live-action one, really enjoyed it), My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (eh, pretty neutral about this one), and Bad Moms (had it’s moments).
Listening to: Bastille’s Wild World on Apple music. Really digging the new album so much.
On the menu for this week:

  • Monday – Breakfast for dinner or leftovers
  • Tuesday – Nachoes
  • Wednesday – Freezer meal (Chicken Florentine)
  • Thursday – Pork chops
  • Friday – ???
  • Saturday – ???
  • Sunday – ???

On my to do list: I’ve got a few more cards to finish for March and a few more graphics to make for the crafty celebration. I also have a few home projects to take care.
Happening this week: Tomorrow I think we’ll head on over to the indoor play place for awhile. Tuesday maybe the park and library if it’s nice. On THu

  • Monday – Mel’s Place Place for some indoor fun
  • Tuesday – Possibly a park and the library if it’s nice
  • Wednesday – Home day
  • Thursday – CuriOdyssey, picnic, and playground time
  • Friday – ???
  • Saturday – ???
  • Sunday – It’s my birthday. I’m going to San Francisco for a day by myself to wander around, eat, and shop. I’m so incredibly excited!

What I am creating: Working on my memory planner kit for March, the last cards for March, and Project Life pages for January.
My simple pleasures: Loving Apple Music right now. I’ve been listening to some new albums. Arthur has been loving the They Might Be Giants videos.
Looking around the house: I should vacuum today and I want to finish cleaning up the playroom.
From the camera: Two wild and crazy boys…

Life Right Now #4

As I look outside my window: It’s dark. I’m writing this on Saturday night again.
Right now I am: Snuggling with Q and enjoying a gin and tonic while Arthur is upstairs getting his bath.
On my bedside table: A Symphony of Echoes by Jodi Taylor (Second book in the Chronicles of St. Marys. I had to request it from a library in San Diego!); Cress by Marissa Meyer; The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
On my tv this week: J and I watched the first episode of Legion (so trippy!) and multiple episodes of Emerald City. I also snuck in the first two episodes of S4 of The 100.
Listening to: Catching up on my podcasts specifically Here to Make Friends (about The Bachelor) and One Bad Mother.
On the menu for this week:

  • Monday – Pepperoni Pizza Casserole
  • Tuesday – Potato Bacon Casserole
  • Wednesday – Avocado Bruschetta Chicken
  • Thursday – Leftovers
  • Friday – Kale Caesar Pasta Salad
  • Saturday – ???
  • Sunday – ???

On my to do list:
Happening this week: Not much on our side. J will be gone all weekend at an offsite for work. I’m hosting crop day here while he’s gone. Other than that, I’ve got nothing planned.
What I am creating: Trying to finish my Project Life spreads for 2016. Really itching to move into 2017. And starting on my February memory planner pages.
My simple pleasures: Elderflower tonic water (amazing!), the chance to sleep in a bit
Looking around the house: This living room is still a disaster… Life with a toddler.
From the camera: Last night I did something different for dinner. We had a variety of appetizers. A lot of work, but oh so good! We had chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce, honey dijon scallops with avocado sauce, crab wontons, bacon wrapped green beans, and raspberry brie tartlets. I had an elderflower gin and tonic with my dinner.

Life Right Now #3

As I look outside my window: Sun is going down… (writing on Saturday night)
Right now I am: Finishing dinner and attempting to entertain the baby while writing this post.
On my bedside table: Cress by Marissa Meyer (need to finish Scarlet first); Burning Bright by Tracey Chevalier
On my tv this week: J and I are working through 30 Rock. We also started Emerald City and have continued watching our currently-airing shows.
Listening to: Lots of The Lumineers on Pandora and children whining
On the menu for this week:

  • Monday – Lime Salsa Chicken Tacos
  • Tuesday – Garlic Ranch Chicken Pizza
  • Wednesday – Leftovers
  • Thursday – ???
  • Friday – Sloppy Joes
  • Saturday – ???
  • Sunday – Avocado Bruschetta Chicken

On my to do list: A few little tasks. Some bills to pay. Zoo membership and driver’s license to renew. Couple of emails to write. Lots of crafting to do.
Happening this week:

  • Monday – Zoo Day! We missed last week because it was raining so hard, so we’re going this week.
  • Tuesday – Home day
  • Wednesday – Flower Power Card Class
  • Thursday – Grocery run; Stamp Club
  • Friday – Home day; Chore catch-up
  • Saturday – Coffee and Cards
  • Sunday – Book Club

What I am creating: I need to finish prepping examples and kits for my Flower Power card class. I also need to finish November and December’s Project Life spreads for all the albums. And I have a few SSINK cards to finish for February and to start on March.
My simple pleasures: Earl Grey Tea and Scones, yum yum
Looking around the house: Last week I did a deep clean of the kitchen. This week I need to focus on the bathroom… Oh joy
From the camera: Supporting Planned Parenthood at the rally in San Jose yesterday.

Life Right Now #2

As I look outside my window: It’s dark because I’m writing this on Saturday night…
Right now I am: Taking a minute to relax after dinner and before the bedtime routine.
Thinking and pondering: I seriously need a bit of a break from the kiddos. I need a few hours to myself without having anyone crying/screaming at me.
On my bedside table: Hark A Vagrant by Kate Beaton; Scarlet by Marissa Meyer; Tales of Peculiars by Ransom Riggs
On my tv this week: I finally finished the regular series of Gilmore Girls! Next week I get to watch the mini series. So excited!
Listening to: The Lumineers Pandora Channel again. I love the mix of indie rock and acoustic tracks.
On the menu for this week:

  • Monday – Baked Potato Soup
  • Tuesday – Buffalo Chicken Nachos
  • Wednesday – Fresh Tomato Sauce Spaghetti
  • Thursday – Bacon and Egg Hash
  • Friday – Chicken Parmesan
  • Saturday – Leftovers
  • Sunday – ????

On my to do list: Lots of craft projects, a few emails that need to be written, a big clothing resort (for eventually charity drive), groceries and other errands…
Happening this week: Q has his 4 month doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Lots of vaccines… Hope it all goes well. Other than that, I am hosting a baby sprinkle and stamp club on Saturday.
What I am creating: Working on the rest of January’s memory planner pages, Project Life spreads for November and December, and SSINK cards for February. So many crafting projects!
My simple pleasures: A good book, snuggly sweaters, and my bed.
Looking around the house: The dining room table is full of crap right now. Really need to clean that off tomorrow.
From the camera: Brunch at Black Bear Diner yesterday. Such attitude from the 3 year old.

Life Right Now #1

As I look outside my window: Back to sunny weather after that big storm last week. Loving the sunshine again.
Right now I am: Entertaining the baby with one hand, writing this blog post, and trying to enjoying my coffee. Mom multitasking as it’s finest!
Thinking and pondering: How do we approach this summer and the changes in our family? I’ve got a lot to think about before I make any definite plans.
On my bedside table: A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander; The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
On my tv this week: Elementary; The Bachelor; The Great British Baking Show; The Good Place
Listening to: The Covers Channel on Sirius XM. Loving the random covers I get to enjoy.
On the menu for this week:

  • Monday – Spicy Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Tuesday – Vegetable Beef Soup
  • Wednesday – Teriyaki Chicken
  • Thursday – Beef Tips; Cheddar Garlic Beer Bread
  • Friday – Munchery
  • Saturday – Munchery
  • Sunday – Munchery

On my to do list: Work on school stuff; make an appoint with the passport office; read!; meal plan the rest of the month; lots of crafting projects
Happening this week:

  • Monday – Dropping off food to new momma friends; park playdate; grocery shopping
  • Tuesday – Home day; housework
  • Wednesday – Home day
  • Thursday – Stamp club; possibly Mel’s Play Place
  • Friday – Home day
  • Saturday – ????
  • Sunday – Book club!!!

What I am creating: I need to finish my Project Life spreads for October to December. Also, I’m starting to work on my memory planner (in the Big Happy Planner). And I have a few SSINK design team cards to finish for January and hopefully get a jump on February’s cards.
My simple pleasures: Brownies; sunshine (after being in gloomy Indiana for so long); fuzzy slippers; my bed
Looking around the house: I need tor restart a cleaning routine. Readjusting back to our home in California resulted in a changed in cleaning routine.
From the camera: Check out that little smirk!

Life Right Now #38

As I look outside my window: The sun is out and making the snow and ice sparkle.
Right now I am: Feeding the baby before making the toddler some breakfast.
Thinking and pondering:
On my bedside table: Bossypants by Tina Fey; random contemporary romance
On my tv this week: Mom and I were watching Difficult People the other day. I’ve been watching S11 of The Voice (missed it when it aired), This Is Us, and The Paradise.
Listening to: A crazy toddler makes the Hallmark snowmen dance and sing on repeat.
On the menu for this week: No idea as mom is making the meal plan.
On my to do list: I need to finish my Christmas shopping and the swap cards. Plus probably a million other little things.
Happening this week:

  • Monday – nothing so far
  • Tuesday – Probably last minute Christmas shopping
  • Wednesday – Dinner with a friend
  • Thursday – nothing so far
  • Friday – Early Christmas dinner with part of family
  • Saturday – Christmas Eve craziness
  • Sunday – Christmas Day craziness

What I am creating: Swap cards, plans for 2017
My simple pleasures: Baby snuggles; snow; cozy sweaters
Looking around the house: Not my house and Arthur still has toys everywhere
From the camera: Arthur and Quentin both have babies now.

Life Right Now #37

As I look outside my window: Slightly gray and overcast after raining all day yesterday
Right now I am: Waiting for the doctor to call me back. May need to pop in to the office tomorrow. Ugh!
Thinking and pondering: How am I going to get everything I need to get done today feeling like crap?
On my bedside table: ??? I haven’t finished a book in over a week. I need to focus on finishing before thinking about what’s next.
On my tv this week: J and I started watching Those Who Can’t. Reminds us of It’s Always Sunny. Lots of juvenile humor, but it definitely has it’s moments. I’ve made it to Season 6 of Gilmore Girls. I may be able to watch the new miniseries in January. So excited, but determined to finish rewatching before the new.
Listening to: The Hamilton Mix Tape. Oh so good! I think my favorite is Andra Day’s version of “Burn.”
On the menu for this week: The boys and I are traveling to Indiana on Tuesday. I’m making Spicy Thai Noodles for Monday night before traveling. I have no idea what my mom has planned for dinner for the rest of the week.
On my to do list: Pack!!!! I also need to drop off a package at the post office and buy stamps for the rest of my Christmas cards.
Happening this week:

  • Monday – Charity drive drop-off in South Bay; last minute errands
  • Tuesday – Travel day
  • Wednesday – ???
  • Thursday – ???
  • Friday –Twins are getting picked up from their dad’s house
  • Saturday – Reindeer and Santa at the Conservatory; Christmas for my dad’s side of the family
  • Sunday – ???

What I am creating: I finished up a few projects yesterday so I can pack for Indiana. I have three new catalog swaps I’m participating in. To help cut down on my packing bulk, I stamped and cut everything for the swaps. I just need to assemble while in Indiana and send out.
My simple pleasures: Sleep. Oh man, I miss sleep. Q has randomly slept 5-6 hours during the night a few times. It was glorious, but now I remember what I’m missing when he doesn’t.
Looking around the house: Disaster zone! I’m not sure how much is going to get cleaned up before we leave. Depends on how the rest of today goes.
From the camera: From our cookie exchange on Thursday.